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 Introduction to Schema Therapy

Module 1 serves as an Introduction to Schema Therapy. The 3 day workshop provides an opportunity for therapists who are curious about  Schema Therapy to spend 3 days considering the theory and practice of the model and to have experience of how the model is applied to complex presentations. The module will be facilitated  by ISST Certified Advanced Schema Therapy practitioners and trainers.

Taking part in the 3 days will enable participants to gain a good knowledge of the core theory, have an introduction to the assessment, case conceptualisation and treatment approaches utilised in schema therapy and observe expert demonstrations, both video vignettes and live demonstrations.  Participants will have opportunity to practice key schema interventions in dyads  with guidance from the presenters.

By the end of the 3 days participants will have a good understanding of the core theory, the use of Limited Reparenting and Empathic Confrontation in the relationship and be familiar with some of the key cognitive and experiential  strategies in Schema Therapy.

Please note that this will be a mixture of didactic and experiential learning.

Participants will be introduced to the full training programme and ISST Certification provided by Schema Therapy Systems.

Location: Interactive Online 

When: 9th, 10th & 11th December 2024


Richard Mathews

Cost of training: £300.00 

To attend the training please use the contact form to provide your contact details including your name and email address  alternatively email us your details  to:

Payment: Go to our payment page







* The cost of the Introduction to Schema Therapy 2 day workshop will be deducted from the price of the full 7 day training up to one year after the completion of the Introductory Course. The participant must  apply and pay for the full training for this deduction to apply and the full training must be commenced within a year of the date of the introductory training being completed.

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