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Module 1: Introduction to Schema Theory, Conceptualization, Relationship & Interventions (3 Days) 

schema therapy training

This workshop will enable those who attend to develop a broad understanding of the Schema Model and the Schema Mode Model. Following this workshop, participants will be able to use key elements of Schema Therapy in their clinical work. The three days will focus on key schema therapy theory, premises and the foundations for delivering effective Schema Therapy. Participants will learn about how to develop a robust therapeutic alliance using an understanding of schema theory and utilising core principles to deliver effective and compassionate interventions.  


Throughout the workshop an emphasis will be placed on case formulation and utilising core theoretical understandings to understand how schema activation creates significant emotional and behavioural difficulties and forms detrimental life patterns which underpin client’s presenting problems. Participants will be provided with supervised role-play practice and large group work exercises to enhance participants’ theory understanding and develop clinical skills.


Live demonstrations and video footage of expert Schema Therapists will be used to assist with participants learning. This workshop provides a strong foundation for participants to develop the key interventions and techniques used in Schema Therapy.  


This module is suitable for mental health practitioners with experience of working with complex cases.  Whilst participants are not required to have knowledge of Schema Therapy, we would advise that candidates have undertaken prior reading on Schema Therapy to fully benefit from the two days (see our resources list).


Outline of Module 1

  • Concept and Case Conceptualisation

  • Schema Theory and Concept

  • Schemas, Coping Styles & Modes Defined & Differentiated

  • Assessment

  • Psychoeducation about needs and rights of children, temperamental factors

  • Treatment Formulation & Case Conceptualisation

  • Clarifying goals in Schema/Modes Terms

  • Clarifying Needs in Schema/Modes Terms

  • Conceptualising a case in Schema/Mode Terms

  • Therapy Relationship

  • Limited Reparenting

  • Empathic Confrontation

  • Limit Setting

  • Introduction to Imagery re-scripting

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