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"I learnt a huge amount from undertaking this module. I knew about EMSs and had worked a little with Schema Therapy with a couple of clients, but had only used the original Young book as a place of learning. This module taught me about Schema Modes. It was like someone had opened a door and let me through to a sunny outdoor space with a beautiful fresh breeze and sense of relaxation. I did not want to leave that space at the end of each training day!"

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"The trainers were clearly highly knowledgeable and experienced in using Schema Therapy. Their complementary and light-hearted style of delivery made for a very enjoyable experience. I looked forward to each new training day".  Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Overall delivery of the module by Richard and Michelle has been excellent. The content and structure is easy to follow and makes sense. it’s all super engaging and well delivered."- BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

"Richard and  Michelle were very knowledgable, I found examples from practice helped me to make sence of the theoretical knowledge we had from the slides. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as schema therapy is new to me, I wanted an overview of the therapy, background and mainly some strategies to work with some of my more complex clients. I will definitely be using some of the imagery ideas in my practice from now". - Clinical Psychologist


"I am very grateful for the course as I have already been able to deepen the work I’m doing with probably more than 50% of my clients. It has a different feel and I feel I can be more effective. My clients are also appreciating it. Thank you both." -  BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

"Really enjoyed the module and it will be really useful in my practice. Really enjoyed the format in particular bringing it to life with case studies ,especially the demonstrations and use of breakout rooms "  - BACP Accredited Counsellor

"This is a fantastic course, which I have been recommending to colleagues. The trainers knew every part of Schema Therapy very well and could easily answer student questions. Their demonstrations of role-plays was particularly good, although I also enjoyed watching and considering the training videos, which were in nice bite-sized chunks."

 Consultant Clinical Psychologist


"Richard and Michelle were great facilitators, they used examples from their own practice which made I more relatable to my own practice" - Mental Health Social Worker

"I found this module really helpful in considering the self aggrandizer mode and looking at this from a schema perspective, the mode mapping exercise was very helpful and some of the thinking around considering the need of the client, I liked the saying needy not greedy and thinking about my own transference and self care as a therapist."

COSRT Accredited Psychosexual Therapist

"I have found this module of training has guided and enhanced my understanding and knowledge of the application of schema therapy to personality disorders, specifically, OCPD and NPD. The presenters were flexible in their style of delivery allowing time for informative discussions about attendees experiences of clinical work and in offering limited reflection on attendee questions drawing upon schema and schema modes. I found this flexibility in discussion, whilst remaining on track with training goals, particularly helpful and also created a sense of shared learning together that can be difficult to attain through interactive training". -  Clinical Psychologist

"I thought the training was excellent and I gained so much from it. All in all I thought it was fab! Super grateful to you both."- BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist

schema therapy training testimonials
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